Men's Best Jeans

Gentlemen, let's face it; a good pair of jeans is hands down your closet's MVP every season. But just how do you declare the winner of the men's best jeans competition? After all, while you probably have denim in all shapes, sizes, and stages of distress loitering in your room, you can never have too many pairs of jeans. However, not all dungarees are created equally. Here's your shopping guide for picking out the best pair of jeans possible:

Choosing the men's best jeans for your lifestyle has little to do with price tags and absolutely everything to do with versatility. Around the house, at work, on a date, or while on a stakeout… you can wear a good pair of jeans just about everywhere. So when you're on the hunt for new denim duds, consider where they will be getting the most use before you swipe your debit card.

A Pair for Every Occasion

When it comes to the men's best jeans, there are certain staples that every fellow should have in their closet. Forget whiskered styles or anything with bling. And no self respecting dude should purchase their jeans with premade holes. Instead, stick with the most classic and versatile shapes and shades. For example, a pair of dark denim straight leg jeans look completely work appropriate when paired with a crisp white oxford shirt, dark blue blazer, and dress shoes. Swap the blazer for a leather jacket and slip iinto a pair of scuffed boots and you have the quintessential weekend look. (Coincidentally, all of the best men's jeans should work equally well with every style of footwear in your closet, with the exception of mandals.)

Keep it classic, and finding the men's best jeans for you will be a quick shopping trip away.