Men's Big and Tall Jeans

Flatter the body you have with men's big and tall jeans.

Alas, not every man is graced with the body of a Greek god. The world is full of variety, and that means that some guys are blessed with a little more to love. If you're carrying around a little extra weight, men's big and tall jeans may be the perfect way to make your body look its best. Take a few rules into account when choosing your denim:

Ensure a proper fit. Men's big and tall are made for men that are, obviously, bigger and taller. Unfortunately, this leads a lot of men to choose a size smaller or larger than they actually are in an attempt to camouflage areas of their body they aren't happy with. This is always a bad strategy, as it actually ends up putting more emphasis on these areas. Jeans that are too big will make you look heavier than you actually are. Go too tight, and you'll end up with pants that accentuate every lump and bump.

Big, Tall, and Handsome

Choose your rise carefully. The best place for men's big and tall jeans to sit is lower on your hips. Low rise jeans have a shorter distance between your jeans' crotch and waistband - lengthening your legs and making you look taller and leaner. It's also important to ensure that your midsection doesn't overlap your waistband. Keep it in your pants (your belly, that is). Finally, pair your big and tall jeans with shirts that are squared at the shoulder, as opposed to sloped. And bypass the loud prints for something a bit more subdued for an overall flattering look.