Men's Bikini Briefs

Men's bikini briefs leave very little to the imagination. If you worked hard for your body and are eager to show off the results, bikini underwear are the name of the game. At International Jock, we have a wide selection of sexy bikini briefs from men who aren't afraid to let it all hang out.

In the world of men's bikini underwear there is actually a lot of variety. Men's bikini briefs can be cut high or low, they can be made of cotton or many other fabrics and they can have added features to make your anatomy look bigger or hold you in. No matter what type or brand of this underwear you choose, however, you are sure to be a star when the lights go down low.

Men's Bikini Briefs to Boost Your Reputation

If you really want to make an impression at your next encounter, opt for bikini briefs that increase your assets (visually, at least). CockSox prides itself on providing underwear uniquely cut to extend your manhood in order to present a more inviting appearance. As a bonus, CockSox are surprisingly comfortable.

C-IN2 also offers bikini briefs designed to maximize your masculinity. Using their signature "Sling Support System" and "Trophy Shelf," they are able to lift and push your goods forward to a more eye-catching position. This style lends itself to a wide range of colors and graphic designs. One of our favorites is Andrew Christian's pirate style, with a studded skull and crossbones on the booty!