Men's Bikini Swimwear

If there were a Hall of Fame for men's bikini swimwear, Go Softwear would definitely be inducted. This brand is known for its quality apparel and the reputation is only getting stronger with its new selection of swimwear. With bright colors, sexy prints and superior materials, Go Softwear is making guys' swimwear for the new millennium.

Let's start with the Go Softwear Men's Bikini. Available in several different colors, this is the men's swimwear equivalent of the Little Black Dress. Perfect in its simplicity, this sexy racer is made from an ultra-supportive nylon/Lycra blend. With its elastic seam running up the middle of the seat and its double reinforced front pouch, the Go Softwear Men's Bikini is a true show-stopper.

Men's Bikini Swimwear for the Adventurous at Heart

There's another Go Softwear men's bikini that takes the term "flaunt it if you got it" to heart. The Waikiki Bikini (available in red, lime and blue) takes a steamy floral design and splashes it across the seat of the suit. The flowers wrap around to the front, stopping only for the solid color panel on the pouch.

Here's where it gets exciting: there is no lining inside the front pouch--it's just you and your boys and one thin layer of nylon/Lycra. Walking down the strand in this piece of swimwear will not only get you noticed, it might get you mobbed. Not for the faint of heart, this is men's bikini swimwear that shows just how easy it can be to turn heads at the beach. International Jock is the place to get it.