Men's Black Jeans

It's official: men's black jeans are back this season in a big way. And while darker washes are easily as flattering and versatile as their fairer counterparts, there are a handful of skittish guys that still shy away from black denim. But fear not, my fashion forward fellows, there are plenty of ways to pull off that major wow factor without compromising your manly sensibilities.

Because of their status as a neutral staple, men's black jeans are a great go-to piece. For example, it's tough to beat the sex appeal of a man rocking the monochromatic look. Start with a pair of straight leg or boot cut black jeans, add a black button down shirt, and finish with some well worn black boots or dress shoes. The key to pulling off the all noir look is to keep it classic. Avoid a shirt with sheen or over processed hair lest someone think you're trying to hard. (Think Phil from The Hangover- effortlessly cool)

Once you Go Blackā€¦

Of course, you don't have to go monotone to look uber hot in men's black jeans. Button downs, sweaters, and collared shirts of every hue look fantastic when paired with a well fitting pair of black jeans. And it's tough to go wrong with a basic tee shirt, sneakers, and your favorite hoodie. However, there are certain no-no's when it comes to wearing that dark denim.

Avoid any pair of men's black jeans that label themselves as super skinny. While a straight leg look is flattering and slightly snugger pairs can work with certain styles, those chicken legged jeans don't even work for the most committed of metrosexuals. Also, steer clear of pairing your black jeans with a white tank top. Finally, no matter what you see on late night television and Spanish soap operas, remember that wearing your darkest jeans with an unbuttoned silk shirt outside of the house screams skeevy, not sexy.