Men's Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are fast becoming one of the most popular styles of men's underwear, particularly with fashion-conscious men. There once was only a choice between boxers or briefs, but now you can get the best of both worlds. These styles combine the full coverage of boxers shorts with the comfort and support of briefs to create a hybrid style of men's underwear.

This underwear is so popular for two reasons--they look good and they feel good. The sleek cut allows them to fit nicely under virtually any type of pant, while the shorts style provides slightly more roominess and additional leg coverage when compared to traditional briefs. Worn alone, these underwear are also cut to enhance a man's natural assets, and there's certainly nothing wrong with that!

Your Choice of Men's Boxer Briefs

Calvin Klein may have created the boxer brief craze, but nowadays virtually every men's underwear designer is benefiting from it. This style has evolved to include shorts of a variety of lengths from trunks to the knee-length variety. Your options have also expanded from basic black and white to include a never-ending assortment of colors and patterns.

At International Jock, our men's underwear collection includes boxer briefs from dozens of top designers including 2xist, Andrew Christian, Bike, C-in2, Go Softwear, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Hugo Boss and many others. We have both athletic and casual underwear in this design. So if you can't decide between the two traditional choices or you just want to expand your underwear wardrobe, we have the boxer briefs for you.