Men's Boxer Shorts

Boxer shorts have long been the choice men who prefer a loose-fitting type of underwear. In comparison to briefs, this underwear naturally has a more relaxed feel and offers wearers more freedom in the crotch area. Boxer shorts, however, have come a long way since the underwear your dad used to wear.

These days, you don't have to settle for saggy and shapeless shorts, because today's designers have taken to cutting their boxers more sleekly and with more attention to fitting the body. The results are boxer shorts that fit more snugly without sacrificing the roominess of traditional designs. Even the most stylish men will not be disappointed by the look and fit of many of these contemporary designs.

Fashionable Men's Boxer Shorts

If you are one of those men who just can't get used to briefs, but still want to look contemporary and sophisticated in your underwear, 2xist boxers are a great choice. These styles are casual and comfortable enough to meet the approval of even the most ardent brief haters, but their design is also stylish and modern. 2xist underwear is also made from superior fabrics that offer an added level of comfort over lesser-quality brands.

At International Jock, we offer several brands of men's undershorts in a variety of colors and patterns. Whether you prefer the loose knit variety or the more basic cotton type, we can accommodate. We also offer a variety of underwear looks from basic white everyday boxers to shorts with fun and festive patterns.