Men's Competition Swimwear

Men's competition swimwear needs to be sleek and snug in order to reduce drag. Experienced competitive swimmers know what drag is, but for the newcomer: it's what happens when anything on a swimmer creates resistance in the water. The men's swimwear we carry at International Jock not only reduces resistance in the water, it has a pretty persuasive effect on land as well.

The Ami Sanzuri Black Competition Swimsuit is men's swimwear at its most refined. This neat and tidy suit lets your body do the talking, keeping loud fanfare to a minimum. Sanzuiri's sexy black suit is made from a high-end blend of nylon and spandex. It has a red and white racing stripe going up each side to remind onlookers that you're in it to win it.

More Styles in Men's Competition Swimwear

Long recognized as being synonymous with the racer style, Speedo men's competition swimwear is still a leader in the field. Case in point: the Speedo Optic Plaid Bikini. This high-end racing suit is made from an advanced chlorine-resistant blend of polyester and PBT. Its one-inch sides help keep drag to a bare minimum, and its eye-catching pattern may very well throw off any competitors in your wake.

Speedo scores again with the Axcel Splice Brief. Available in several color combos, this steamy little racer will help you cut through the water like a hot knife through butter. Constructed from an exclusive material called Xtra Life Lycra, the Axcel Splice Brief will last several times longer than many competitive suits.