Men's Cool Jeans

Once upon a time, it took a designer label to differentiate men's cool jeans from their less stylish counterparts. Luckily, you can now find fabulously fashionable denim that doesn't cost a month's salary. So, if it's not about the price tag, then what really marks a pair of jeans as cool?

For starters, men's cool jeans have to pass the test of time. In order to qualify as truly cool, then a dude's duds have to be classic. Forget whiskers, sparkles, rivets and neon colors. A genuinely stylish pair of jeans should look just as good, if not better, the next season as it does when it's first purchased. And while it's not necessary to use your 401K plan to pay for a new pair of cool jeans, it is worth it to spend a little more on a pair that's going to look and feel good long after it leaves the store.

Comfy Sexy Cool

Men's cool jeans also have to be comfortable. One of the hallmarks of a quality pair of denim pants is that they manage to look great, even while feeling completely relaxed. Straight leg or carpenter, it's essential that your stylish jeans feel as good as they look.

Finally, a genuine pair of men's cool jeans will be rugged. A few well worn tears and faded patches will actually accentuate your look, but a high quality pair of jeans will weather your wears and tears without falling apart.