Men's Cotton Boxers

If you love to wear men's cotton boxers, you're not alone. Men's cotton boxers are among the most popular men's underwear the world over. Thanks to their full coverage and roominess, this style of underwear is both comfortable and practical.

Cotton boxers offer numerous benefits over other types of underwear and other fabrications including:

  • Air circulation--Cotton is a very breathable fabric that allows air to pass through easily, and the loose design of boxers is also conducive to this trait.
  • Temperature control--Because air can move freely around your body when you wear this underwear, your crotch doesn't build up as much heat as it would with synthetic fibers such as polyester. Overheating has been shown to affect some men's fertility.
  • Comfort--100 percent cotton is super soft against the skin.
  • Men's Cotton Boxer Briefs

    If you want all of the same benefits of wearing cotton boxers but need a little more support, cotton boxer briefs are a great option. These styles are typically less restrictive than briefs, but they do offer more structure in their design. At International Jock, we have hundreds of these designs in our online underwear collections.

    Designers such as Calvin Klein, 2xist and Hugo Boss are leaders when it comes to simple yet stylish boxer briefs. Alternatively, designers like Andrew Christian, C-IN2 and Go Softwear offer trendier interpretations of the style. No matter whether your taste is traditional or tends towards the outrageous, you're sure to find something to suit your fancy in our extensive online inventory.