Men's Cotton Briefs

There are many different types of men's underwear available, but none are quite as popular as cotton briefs. While many men swear by traditional cuts of cotton briefs, this versatile category is available in a wide range of different styles. Some guys are loyal to just one style, but a well-rounded wardrobe often contains a variety of different ones.

In the realm of men's briefs, you will find an assortment of different customizations are available. For example, some underwear are fly-front and other are no-fly. Fly-front underwear offer easy access to your goods for maximum convenience in the bathroom, but no-fly underwear provide a smoother line and can keep your merchandise more secure. Low-rise briefs stay out of sight when you're wearing your pant loose and low.

Men's Cotton Blend Briefs

While 100 cotton fabrications offer a super soft feel, there are times when you want your briefs to have a little something more. Underwear made from materials that blend 90 percent or more of cotton with another material are very common on the underwear market. Some of the materials commonly blended with cotton underwear include Lycra, spandex and elastane.

Incorporating these materials in the fabrication creates men's briefs that are both comfortable and flexible. Lycra, spandex and elastane all add stretchiness to the fabric, and the result is underwear that molds better to you body and moves better with you. At International Jock, we carry an extensive assortment of briefs that are both 100 percent cotton and made from the many varieties of blended fabrics.