Men's Distressed Jeans

Men's distressed jeans: for guys who like a little distinction with their pants.

Looking for a simple, dark blue, plain pair of denim pants? Before you hit the store for your generic duds, why not take a moment to contemplate a pair of men's distressed jeans instead? Today's most popular look in jeanswear comes in the form of distressed denim; and it has character to spare. Think "Men's distressed jeans" is a fairly self explanatory term? Think again. There's a whole lot more to these well worn pants than a few strategically placed holes.

Men's distressed jeans come in a number of different styles- from the gently faded variety to those so slashed and ripped up they look like the survivors of a long forgotten battle. Guys have been using and abusing their jeans since 1886. And from cowboys to catwalks, that frayed and worn out denim has become an integral staple in every man's wardrobe. So just how is all of that distressed denim created?

Dressed for Distress

Men's distressed jeans come under several types of torment before they arrive at the perfect state of, well, distress. For example, some are accosted with various types of bleach and acid until they're disheveled and splattered with character. Others are beaten with chains and slashed in strategic spots; wearing their wounds with pride. Then, of course there are the pairs that achieve their distressed status the old fashioned way: through years of wear and tear.

There was a time when frays and holes in a pair of jeans were cause for concern. But the days of mending every seam and patching every gap have long passed. In today's post-modern fashion world, faded is good, rips are better, and men's distressed jeans are best of all.