Men's Erotic Underwear

When it comes to erotic men's underwear, less is literally more. The less fabric there is in the underwear, the sexier it looks on your body. At International Jock, we offer a huge assortment of erotic men's underwear, but be forewarned--it's not for the shy or timid.

Thongs are probably the most seductive undergarments in our collection, and they are available in many different styles. Leather thongs, mesh thongs, string thongs, thongs in the shape of an "X," pouch thongs and sheer thongs are just some of the kinds you'll find in our inventory. Thongs are not the only sexy men's underwear, however, as bikinis, briefs, trunks and even jockstraps can be enticing when fabricated from the right material (basically, anything see-through).

Feel Sexier with Men's Erotic Underwear

Women have long known the secret that what you wear under your clothes is as much for you as it is for anyone else. Wearing something erotic under your clothes can give you more confidence and make you feel hot and give your spirits a boost. Whether you're planning to strip down for someone else later or go to bed alone, sometimes gaining a sexy swagger from erotic underclothes can be an end in and of itself.

If you are planning a romantic tryst, nothing gets you in the mood like wearing a pair of seductive men's underwear. Your partner won't be disappointed when you undress and show what's on your mind. Wearing erotic underwear shows your partner you've been looking forward to that moment since you got dressed, and what's more erotic than anticipation?