Men's Exotic Underwear

If you want to add excitement to your wardrobe, men's exotic underwear is sure to do the trick. Sexy men's underwear comes in all kinds, but there is one characteristic they all have in common--skimpiness. You can't be bashful if you want to rock a pair of sexy underwear because there is nothing exotic, or erotic for that matter, about full-coverage.

At International Jock, our inventory is full of undergarments that could easily be classified as exotic, including:

  • Gregg Homme X-It String Thong--Offering the least possible coverage, this thong basically consists of a small pouch just large enough to contain your package; the rest of it is string. This is men's exotic underwear embodied.
  • Go Softwear Black Greek Mesh Briefs--Made from nothing but mesh, these briefs are entirely see-through and don't leave anything to the imagination.
  • Ergowear X3D Microfiber Bikini Black--An incredibly sexy look, these bikini briefs are flesh tight and super skimpy both in the front and the back.

What Defines Men's Exotic Underwear?

What constitutes "exotic" is different the world over. For example, in Brazil, men's thongs are commonplace, both as underwear and on the beach, while they are rarely seen in public in the U.S. In reality, exotic underwear is really defined by what is and isn't typical.

If you are more traditional, you might find boxer briefs that are cut high on the leg (a.k.a. trunks) sexy. It's really all just a matter of perspective. No matter where you're coming from, however, you're sure to find something you and your partner will find enticing in our collection.