Men's Fashion Jeans

Do comfort and style have to be mutually exclusive? For proponents of men's fashion jeans, the answer is a resounding no.

From the faded and worn in to the crisp and creased, men's fashion jeans have worked hard to earn their place in the hearts of guys everywhere. Once the go-to clothing for manual laborers and cowboys alone, today's jeans have gone mainstream in a big way. But with so many options in denim, how do you know what to wear when? Relax; we've got a cheat sheet to help out even the most clueless of gents.

Jeans for Every Occasion

Let's start with the basics: casual Friday. Jeans at work used to be a big no-no. But today, more and more companies are embracing policies that allow some wiggle room in the wardrobe department. The key to wearing men's fashion jeans at the office is not to cross the line into the overly casual. Leave the tee shirts at home, and pair your jeans with dress shoes, a white oxford shirt and a blazer instead.

When the workday is over, your men's fashion jeans make the perfect first date wear as well. Avoid looking sloppy by bypassing your baggy or carpenter jeans in favor of a straight leg version. Pair them with a button down shirt, jacket and pair of well worn boots for a look that's put together without being overdone.

And there's no reason why you can't wear men's fashion jeans to other social functions throughout the weekend as well. From backyard get togethers and afternoon lunches to running errands and just hanging out with the guys, jeans are a versatile and comfortable option in casual wear that go just about anywhere. Maximize your denim wardrobe by maintaining a collection of Polos, dress shirts, belts and shoes that you can interchange with different styles of jeans.