Men's G Strings

If you like throwing caution to the wind where underwear are concerned, men's G strings are ultimate in adventurous underwear fashion. Men's G strings offer the least amount of coverage possible to your rear end, as the underwear is only held together by a thin strip of material passed between the legs and joined at the waistband. If your glutes are in shape and you want to show them off, there's no better way.

Besides their obvious eroticism, men's G strings also have a more practical function. If tight pants are a part of your wardrobe, you can wear one of these skimpy thongs underneath to prevent underwear lines. An alternative to going commando, this minimal underwear offers some support to your boys even if it's not enough to run a marathon.

Options for Men's G String Underwear

Believe it or not, there are actually many options available in the men's G string business, and we have many of them in our inventory at International Jock. For those of you who prefer fuller coverage in the front, the GrigioPerla Comfort G-String has a brief-like design and a wide waistband. One of the best quality underwear brands on the market, these are quite comfortable to wear.

Those who want to show practically everything will appreciate Gregg Homme Basixx Sheer String Black. With sheer panels in the front and a string waistband and back, this style is among our sexiest. Whether your goal is to find the most revealing thong around or the most comfortable, our collection will not disappoint.