Men's High End Jeans

Men's high end jeans: worth the price tag, or just worthless peacocking?

No doubt, the men's denim world has come a long way since the first cowboys and miners proudly paraded themselves around the 1800s in a pair of dungarees. Today, there are roughly 9,578 different versions of denim pants for guys - running the gamut from discount store overalls to men's high end jeans of the highest caliber. So, with so much to choose from, is the padded price sticker on a pair of designer jeans really worth it? The simple answer is… sometimes.

Like other name brand clothing, men's high end jeans do tend to fit better and last longer than their super center counterparts. That being said, there are a few basic ground rules than any self respecting manly man should abide by when it comes to purchasing high end denim.

High End Jeans: The Ground Rules

First and foremost, it's important to remember that simply owning a pair of men's high end jeans isn't going to have hot bodied females waiting in line to jump into your bed. Contrary to what artfully directed black and white television commercials will have you believe, women aren't all that interested in the name on your waistband. Also, keep in mind that unless you're planning on catching Cabaret on Broadway, your best bet is to stay away from designer duds embellished with sequins, patches, shine or gold. Instead, stick to high end jeans in a flattering, straight leg fit and classic dark wash. Then pair them with everything from your favorite sweater to a button down and dress shoes.