Men's Hot Jeans

Men's hot jeans: It's not a brand, it's an attitude

Guys, ever wonder which looks make a woman's pulse race at the mere sight of you? Well wonder no more, because we're about to spell it out for you. And what you're about to learn might just surprise you. Because men's hot jeans don't necessarily have a single thing to do with brand names, designers, or even price tags.

The fact is, you can find men's hot jeans at designer boutiques, department stores, and discount websites alike. And when it comes down to it, it's more about the way you're wearing that denim than the name on the tag. There are, however, a few dos and don'ts when it comes to getting the most head turns in those hot jeans:

Hot Jeans: Dos and Don'ts

Do keep it slender. Women tend to respond best to boot cut and straight leg styles. So while they may be comfortable, you might want to skip the carpenter and baggy jeans if you're looking to impress the fairer sex. Likewise, don't "sag" your jeans. Having your waistband down around your butt looks just plain silly. Stick with a classic or slightly lower rise pair of men's hot jeans instead.

Do rock the faded jeans when appropriate. Sure, women like to see you dressed up on occasion. But there's something inherently sexy about a guy in lovingly worn in Levis. A couple of strategically placed tears or faded patches along the front or bum only serve to emphasize the parts of you that we like best. However, don't assume that worn-in and raggedy are the same thing. If your pants are so threadbare that they're falling apart, you can safely assume they no longer qualify as men's hot jeans, and it's time to start wearing in a new pair.