Men's Jockstraps

In general, men's jockstraps are used for one or more of the following reasons: support, protection or sex appeal. (If you asked us our favorite reason, we would of course go with sex appeal!) The good news is that at International Jock, you can find men's athletic supporters with all three functions rolled into one. Top name brands like Go Softwear, Gregg Homme and Andrew Christian have created unique designs using revolutionary materials.

If you're looking for men's jockstraps that are pure eye candy, then the Kyle Fly Front is a fine example. This jock features a fly front (as the name implies), a contoured pouch and a pattern that highlights the shape of your package. Using a pouch panel made of one vibrant color and a contrasting stripe on either side, the Kyle Fly Front shows that men's jockstraps can be every bit as sexy as anything you'll find in your favorite DVD.

Unusual Styles in Men's Jockstraps

One of the benefits of being an online store is that we can easily bring our customers an eclectic array of men's jockstraps and other items. We don't shy away from the more unusual brands and fashions, and the Nasty Pig Jockstrap proves that point. The Nasty Pig jock fits like a glove and is as stimulating to wear as it is to look at.

For the athlete or sports fan, the Priape Football Lace-up Jockstrap will let you know when it's time for kick-off. With heavy-duty laces and uniform-style metal grommets on the pouch, the Priape will make you feel like an all-star. See it and all of our other sexy styles at International Jock today.