Men's Leather Underwear

There really is no practical purpose for men's leather underwear unless you consider their insulation properties practical, and they're not. These men's undergarments are strictly novelties, but as novelties go, they are at the top. Nothing puts you or your partner (or your partners) in the mood quite like the look, feel and smell of leather.

At International Jock, we have an excellent selection of thongs and jocks. In addition to basic black, you can choose a jock with a distinctive racing stripe, or even one that looks like a regular pair of men's tighty whiteys! To prevent yourself from getting overheated and to keep your boys happy and raring to go, JT also offers a perforated style.

Getting the Most from Your Men's Leather Underwear

Whether you only plan to wear these undergarments on a few special occasions or you would like to make them a staple of your wardrobe, it pays to invest in quality. Cheap leather underwear can split and fall apart easily due to material of inferior quality or poor craftsmanship. At International Jock, we only carry quality men's leather underwear that will improve with each wearing.

Our inventory of leather underwear primarily consists of jockstraps and thongs from JT. Each one made from quality material and featuring tough stitching, our designs will fit well and last a long time. They start out comfortable, and as you continue to wear them, they mold themselves to your body for a sleek, sexy look and feel.