Men's Lingerie

Lingerie may be a term that is most commonly used to refer to sexy women's underwear, but men like to feel sexy in their underwear too. They may not always say they want "men's lingerie," but often they do want to feel the same feelings women feel when they wear their very best lingerie. Wearing lingerie makes you feel sexier and more sensuous, and those feelings are not exclusive to women.

There is more variety in the world of sexy men's underwear than you might think. Men's underwear may be considered sexy because it is skin-tight, very revealing or made out of an erotic material such as leather or silk. Sexy underwear can be boxers, briefs, thongs or jockstraps, depending on your taste.

Shopping for Men's Lingerie to Match Your Style

Depending on how adventurous you are and what your sexual orientation is, your choices of sexy underwear can be quite different. If you are very conservative, you may consider a pair of silk boxer shorts lingerie. If you consider yourself more bold and daring, however, a mesh thong might fall more under your definition of sexy men's underwear.

At International Jock, we carry a wide range of sexy men's underwear to suit any taste level. You don't have to relish wearing sheer bikini briefs to find something you like, but we do carry those if that's what suits your fancy. Finding the right sexy underwear is all about determining what you and your partner find sensuous and alluring, so let your own preference guide your search.