Men's Low Rise Briefs

Men's low rise briefs look great and serve a practical purpose. With waistbands designed to sit down on your hips rather than up at your natural waist, this underwear does wonders to show off a sexy pack of abs. Additionally, low rise briefs sit down enough that they remain hidden beneath hipster pants and jeans.

It take hundreds of hours to sculpt a perfect set of abs, and even if they're not quite perfect yet, you deserve to show off the fruits of your labor. When you strip down, this underwear makes quite an impression on whoever is watching. Moreover, because they are briefs, these underwear also allow you to proudly display your quads to direct maximum attention to your sculpted physique.

A Great Range of Options in Men's Low Rise Briefs

At International Jock, we carry dozens of lines of this type of underwear in a variety of brands, including stand-outs such as:

  • C-IN2 Low No Show Slings--Featuring C-IN2's "Sling Support System," which projects your profile forward, the only thing that will show when you wear this men's underwear under your pants will be your enhanced package.
  • 2xist Pima Cotton No-Shows--Made from the super- soft Peruvian Pima cotton, these low rise briefs are functional and comfortable.
  • Go Softwear Lo-rise Briefs--Available in a variety of contrasting color combinations, these are fun and sporty.

It doesn't matter what your style is, you can find men's low rise briefs to match. With added features from some brands, you can even upgrade the look of your goods.