Men's Low Rise Jeans

Since their emergence, men's low rise jeans have steadily grown in popularity. Today, they are easily among the most popular fits in men's denim. Sitting below the natural waistline, (usually resting on the hip bones) low rise jeans offer a flattering and comfortable fit. But are they for everyone?

Men's low rise jeans come in every style, including straight leg, boot cut and slim fit. However, despite their availability and popularity, there are certain rules to abide by when opting to go low cut. Keep them in mind the next time you get low, and you'll never have to worry about looking less than stellar in your favorite pants.

The Rules of the Rise

For example, it's essential to pair men's low rise jeans with a longer shirt. A shorter tee will rise up and reveal a peek a midriff every time you move your arms. And while a sliver of bare tummy looks fantastic on a college coed cheerleader, it's a whole different story on a manly man such as yourself.

Another important component to properly wearing men's low rise jeans is to consider your body type. Athletic and muscular guys look fantastic in low rise jeans, especially in a straight leg or boot cut. This will give you a chance to show off that hard earned gym body without appearing over bulky. If you've got a little more to love, fear not; you can still wear low rise jeans. Just be sure to size slightly up, and choose a looser style, such as carpenter or wide leg jeans.