Men's Low Rise Underwear

If you've got a great body that you want to show off, but you don't want to do anything too avant garde, men's low rise underwear are a simple, sexy option. Designed very similarly to ordinary men's fashion boxers and briefs, these differ only in the rise. Rather than coming all the way up to the waist, they reach only to about hip level.

Men's low rise underwear has two main benefits--disappearing under hipster pants and enhancing the appearance of chiseled abdominal muscles. The former benefit is very functional, particularly when you consider the increasing popularity of men's low-slung pants and jeans. The latter benefit works in two ways: it elongates the look of the torso and provides an unobstructed view of the abs.

Different Types of Low Rise Underwear

Low rise underwear primarily comes in briefs and trunks, and we have both to offer at International Jock. Briefs are a great choice for those who also want to show off and elongate their legs because the cut is higher. Men with longer legs, less defined thigh muscles or who just prefer more coverage can opt for the trunks.

Our brands include 2xist, C-IN2, Kyle, Play Mesh, Go Softwear, Andrew Christian, Wax and several others. Each of these brands offers their distinct interpretation of low rise briefs and trunks. Not matter what type you like to wear or what fashion style you subscribe to, you can find sexy underwear to fit your taste and that of your partner.