Men's Mesh Briefs

Men's mesh briefs are a sexy option in the men's underwear market, and they offer a lot of variety. Depending on which brand you choose, this underwear can be erotic or practical. At International Jock, we carry mesh briefs from Gregg Homme, Andrew Christian, Go Softwear, C-IN2, Balls in One and several others.

If you are looking for the sexy variety of mesh men's underwear, you can't go wrong by choosing Gregg Homme. Gregg Homme underwear is notoriously sexy, skimpy and risque, and his mesh briefs are no exception. The Gregg Homme Xtreme Mesh Briefs come in a variety of colors and feature a criss-cross design in front that draws your eye to all the right places.

Sport Men's Mesh Briefs at the Gym

These styles are not all about sexiness, however. They can also serve a very practical purpose. The material allows air to circulate even better than 100 percent cotton, making them a natural choice for athletic activities. The ones that are geared more towards everyday or athletic wear are available from such brands as C-IN2 and Puma among others.

The Play Mesh Low Rise Brief is a prime example of the type of men's mesh briefs that are suitable for and even designed for the gym as well as for everyday use. These underwear are designed to provide support and flexibility, and they even have a large enough pouch to accommodate a hard cup. The bright contrasting colors make this underwear look sporty and fun--just like you!