Men's Mesh Thongs

If you are looking for some barely there men's underwear, a mesh thong cannot be beat. See-through and revealing, these styles are the ultimate in men's erotic lingerie. The only thing that could make this underwear more revealing would be taking it off!

Men's mesh thongs are often placed in the novelty underwear category simply by virtue of being so sexy, but for some they can also be functional. If you are averse to going commando but plan to wear really tight pants, this underwear could be a solution. The material has the added benefit of providing your package with ventilation that serves to keep it cool and fresh.

Various Types of Men's Mesh Thongs

You shouldn't be surprised to learn that at International Jock, our inventory of men's mesh thongs is extensive. This sexy underwear is available from a wide range of designers and comes in many different styles. For example, the Play Mesh Thong with the Y-back strap is a sporty thong with fabric that moves with your body and provides ventilation to your goods. Gregg Homme offers a provocative style that laces up the front, and JT even has thongs made of neoprene or leather.

There are many styles of this underwear, but Balls in One has an innovative one that provides an added measure of comfort. Not made entirely out of mesh, it sports a mesh pouch for just your balls. This design calls for your piece to reach for the sky, and the result is a more comfortable and wearable thong.