Men's Mesh Underwear

While you may think of men's mesh underwear primarily as sexy and provocative, mesh does have a practical side that is worth mentioning. When incorporated into mainstream and traditional men's underwear designs, this material provides valuable breathability that comes in most handy when playing sports or working out. Any material that allows air to get to your private parts is a good thing.

At International Jock, we have several brands of men's fashion underclothes that utilize the ventilating properties of this material to create athletic undergarments that help with endurance and performance. This underwear does not include the skimpy, see-through thongs you might first imagine when you hear about mesh underwear (though we have those too). The mesh used in underwear for athletic purposes has a larger weave, smaller openings and is minimally see-through.

Buy Men's Mesh Underwear to Give Your Goods a Breather

If you are looking for undergarments to work out in, check out the Play Mesh line. This designer offers briefs, trunks and boxers all designed to maximize the benefits of mesh and minimize some of the drawbacks. After working out in these undergarments, you'll immediately notice how increased breathability helps keep your crotch dry and cool and helps prevent odors.

These men's underwear can also be more flexible than some other types. C-IN2, for example, provides added stretch to the material in their Kinetic Mesh Army Trunk, by adding 3 percent Lycra to the cotton weave. The result is a pair of trunks that fits close to your body and moves with you easily.