Men's Micro Swimwear

If you're a guy who likes to share his best assets with the world, then our collection of men's micro swimwear will have you cheering. We've got skimpy men's swimwear from a host of hot designers, and we're confident you'll be able to fill out these suits in style. From our bikinis and briefs to our barely-there thongs, you'll find something to love (and flaunt) at International Jock.

Take the aussieBum Commando Swim Scuba, please. This delectable micro brief puts a military spin on an exciting scuba diving print. Navy Seals training can't hold a candle to the ruckus you'll be causing when you wear this men's micro swimwear at the local beach. Nobody's going home early when this suit's on the scene, you can bet on that.

Enjoy Men's Micro Swimwear from around the World

For years Brazil has been the spawning ground for cutting-edge designs in men's micro swimwear. Brazilian beaches are aswarm with hot bodies in tiny, form-fitting suits. Now we're bringing the hotness of Brazilian men's micro swimwear to the States with our inventory of Tulio suits.

The Tulio Swimwear Superhero Low Rider is a micro brief for the man of steel. Okay, you don't' really have to look like Superman to wear this suit, but you'll feel like your body can leap tall buildings in a single bound when you sport its flattering lines. Don't worry about kryptonite either, because this suit's blend of 85 percent polymide and 15 percent elastene will hold up against all the elements.