Men's Novelty Underwear

If traditional men's boxers and briefs are like meat and potatoes, then novelty underwear is like cotton candy. While probably not appropriate for every day, novelty underwear can add a little zing to your sex life and a little pep in your step. Whether it's a pair of see-through mesh trunks, a leather thong, a camouflage jock or a pair of denim briefs, sometimes you have to have a little fun with your undergarments and slip on something sexy, silly or unexpected.

The great thing about men's novelty underwear is the sheer novelty of it all. Men often get caught up in wearing the same boring white briefs or the same boring black boxers day in and day out. It doesn't matter whether you have a special occasion or a special person to dress up for or not, once in a while you should don a pair of fun and sexy underwear and dress up even if it's just for yourself.

Choices of Men's Novelty Underwear

At International Jock, we carry tons of different styles and brands of men's underwear including some decidedly novelty pieces. Gregg Homme is one of our most popular designers of unusual boxers, briefs and thongs, though undoubtedly their are those who consider Gregg Homme designs conventional. If you are looking for something to break you and your partner out of your boring molds, Gregg Homme is a perfect choice.

Rufskin is another men's designer we carry that offers some great novelty pieces. Rufskin offers a variety of denim briefs and jocks that are far from ordinary. Styles include rivets, buckles, and even one that laces up in front.