Men's Nylon Underwear

While nylon may not be the first material that pops to you mind when you think of men's underwear, it actually has a lot to offer. For one, 100 percent nylon men's underwear feels great on your skin, with a soft and silky texture. Yet unlike silk fabric, this material never get wrinkly or requires ironing to look nice.

Men's nylon underwear also offers an enticing look, as it is partially see-through. Additionally, the way the material drapes over your package can be incredibly sexy. Showing just enough of a silhouette to spark the imagination, the sexiness of this kind of underclothing is more subtle than overt.

Men's Nylon Underwear for Everyday Wear

Men's nylon undergarments are comfortable enough to wear every day, and with a variety of colors available you can even coordinate them to your outfit if you choose. At International Jock, we have both boxers and briefs made from 100 percent nylon as well as an assortment of tanks and tees. This lightweight material also features a small amount of stretch that offers an added degree of flexibility when you're moving.

An added bonus to incorporating this material in your into your underwear wardrobe is that they are great for traveling. You'll never have to worry about having a pair of sleek, good-looking boxers or briefs when you're on the go because these guys wash and dry in a snap. While you probably won't create your underwear wardrobe entirely from nylon, this material can offer an nice change of pace from regular cotton digs.