Men's Organic Jeans

Men's organic jeans are nothing short of an improvement on the already ideal article of clothing.

There are few pieces in your closet to match the comfort, versatility, and unadulterated sex appeal of your favorite pair of faded jeans. From running errands to hitting the town, there really isn't anything you can't do while rocking your jeans. But there's a dark side to all of that denim. A less than happy truth that the makers of men's organic jeans are trying to rectify.

Did you know that it takes 2/3 of a pound of pesticides to produce enough conventional cotton for a single pair of jeans? All of that cotton production actually accounts for 25% of the world's insecticides and over 10% of global pesticide levels. And all of those numbers add up to some very startling information. Still not sure whether choosing men's organic jeans makes a difference? Read on…

Organic Makes a Difference

Unlike men's organic jeans, the cotton for conventional denim is often harvested in countries with exceedingly lax environmental rules and regulations. That means that chemical runoff from all of those pesticides ends up contaminating drinking and ground water, not to mention surrounding ecosystems. And that's not all. Would you knowingly put your family in harm's way? Then keep in mind that the EPA has declared that five of the top 10 pesticides used in cotton production are known carcinogens.

So is there a way to enjoy your favorite clothing without putting the environment - and your health - at risk? Yes. Men's organic jeans are created using pesticide free, sustainable cotton. They're just as comfortable and stylish as any denim duds you already have in your closet, and are widely available in any number of price points. Not to mention that they are 100% eco-fabulous.