Men's Pouch Underwear

Unless you're new to the world or men's fashion underwear, you've probably noticed the huge assortment of pouch underwear available today. Pouches are among the most popular design features in men's designer undergarments, and they are used in many different ways. This feature offers both form and multiple functions.

The look of pouch boxers, briefs and thongs is much more fashion-forward than your more conventional and traditional styles of men's underwear. For one, this style eliminates the fly altogether, a feature that many guys find superfluous anyway. Instead, a smooth line is featured front and center, which makes for a sleek look and ensures your goods stay where they belong.

You Can Choose from Many Different Styles of Men's Pouch Underwear

At International Jock, we offer a large variety of men's pouch underwear from a wide range of designers. Some examples of the different types we offer includes:

  • C-IN2 Bamboo Racer Briefs, which feature the revolutionary "Trophy Shelf" in the front pocket, a system that pushes your goods forward to make them look more prominent and larger.
  • Balls in One Mesh Ultra Pouch Briefs, which features a seamless, fine mesh pocket to cradle men's precious cargo in comfort.
  • 2xist Basics Contour Pouch Underwear, which feature a sleek, double-ply front pocket that provides support and comfort.
  • This design may be a simple concept, but it's one that has exploded on the fashion scene. More and more people discover these boxers, briefs and thongs every day. Browse our catalog to find your perfect match.