Men's See-Through Thongs

If you're looking for sexy men's see-through thongs in a variety of brands and styles, International Jock is your go-to guy. We've got styles that are sure to spark your partner's imagination, even when the thong itself leaves little to it. We carry fun and sexy underwear by leading men's designers like Gregg Homme, Calvin Klein and several others.

How a designer from the Great White North came up with these barely there see-through numbers we'll never know. Canadian Gregg Homme's Ace Thong features a light mesh pouch made from naturally breathable fabric. It comes in white with a playful trim of either pink or lime. Homme's Basixx Sheer Thong (in White or Black) is a bit of a tease, with sheer mesh panels and an opaque pouch. The Basixx Sheer is also available in String form.

Find Your Personal Style with Men's See-through Thongs

If you really like to let it all hang out, try the PB Mesh String Thong on for size. This see-through men's underwear is what wearing nothing would feel like, if wearing nothing could give you light-as-air support. Wear it the next time you want to showcase your assets in all their natural glory.

As with all of our items, our thongs come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. On the off chance that you don't love your purchase, simply return the unworn item (with tags attached) for a refund or exchange. Now you have no excuse for holding back--buy the men's see-through underwear that drives you or your partner wild!