Men's Selvege Jeans

Men's selvedge jeans - if you haven't heard the term yet, then get ready, because it's one of the most popular trends in denim today. So just what is selvedge denim? And what makes it such a hot commodity?

Men's selvedge jeans, unlike other methods, are made from denim created on old shuttle style looms. This creates a continuous cross thread (known as the weft) that eliminates the fraying edges of less skillfully made jeans. Selvedge jeans were the norm in American denim for quite some time. Then, in the 1950's, the majority of jeans manufacturers switched over to projectile looms that allowed for much faster production and an increase in the number of pairs on the market. But it was definitely a case of quantity over quality.

So Selvedge

Today, those vintage jeans are coveted by denim aficionados across the globe for their longevity and style appeal. But if you're having trouble hunting down a pair of these rare gems, don't worry. Many of today's upscale jeans manufacturers, realizing the demand for men's selvedge jeans, have begun producing denim on shuttle looms again, creating selvedge jeans with modern flare.

We love our jeans; there's no doubt about that. So it only stands to reason that we would love men's selvedge jeans all the more. After all, they're everything we like about our denim- with enough longevity to keep them wearing like new for longer. Just another example of vintage gone right.