Men's Sexy Swimwear

You won't get far in the world of men's sexy swimwear without running into the name Ergowear. Known for their innovative designs and commitment to high-end materials, Ergowear makes men's sexy swimwear that can outlast even the longest beach party. Wear these hot suits when you want to get noticed or when your goal is to get out of your suit altogether.

The Ergowear X3D Sport men's swimsuit comes in several sexy colors and is available in both a bikini brief and a thong. This ergonomically designed swimwear (yes, that's where they get the name) holds your package up and out in a three-dimensional pouch. Its unique design gives your testicles an eye-catching lift while allowing your shaft to hang naturally--wherever it wants to go.

Men's Sexy Swimwear with a Classy Touch

For couldn't-ignore-it-if-you-tried sex appeal, go with Ergowear. For men's sexy swimwear that tones it down a bit so that your body can turn it up, there's Ami Sanzuri. This designer's swimwear is all about paying detailed attention to cuts, stitching and materials. Sanzuri suits are perfectly cut and minimalist in design, so that nothing detracts from the man inside them.

The Ami Sanzuri Zip Front swimsuit has all the classic lines of an expensive tailored men's suit but with way less coverage. Made from a very comfortable blend of 80 percent nylon and 20 percent spandex, the Zip Front has a fully functioning zipper for a front fly. Solid black and killer sexy, this Sanzuri suit will make you look sleek and sophisticated. Questions? Contact us at International Jock to learn more.