Men's Silk Boxers

If you're looking for quality men's boxers with the feel of silk, check out our great stash at International Jock. We've got boxers from dozens of designer names including GrigioPerla, Frank Dandy, Calvin Klein and more. Our silky boxers come in the traditional loose-fitting form as well as a more shape-hugging version. One thing they all have in common is their perfect combination of comfort and style.

Although there are many different types of men's underwear that say "I feel sexy," silky underwear gets the message across in its own classy way. The feel of silk next to one's skin creates a certain mood that is sure to spread to anyone lucky enough to be in the vicinity. And if you're home alone for the evening, well--who doesn't love the occasional night spent lounging around in their underwear?

New Fabrics in Men's Boxers Offer the Feel of Silk

Part of our commitment to providing superior customer service includes scouring the market for the latest designs in men's underwear. One of our latest and greatest finds is the Unico Micro Fiber Trunk. This silky blend of nylon and Lycra microfiber will introduce you to a whole new level of sensuality. Available in black or white, these are a spectacular find.

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