Men's Silk Briefs

We don't like to brag, but the selection of men's silk briefs we offer at International Jock puts every other online retailer to shame. We make it our business to scour the international design community for the latest developments in men's underwear. Adding hot new items to our already impressive inventory of men's intimate apparel is business as usual over here, but we hope you'll forgive us if we make a fuss over a couple of our favorites.

Andiamo Sport Briefs are made from a silky blend of 90 percent Hydrotechâ„¢ polyester and 10 percent Lycra. For the man who loves the feeling of silk against his skin, this underwear is a dream come true. The seamless pouch offers full support without the slightest hint of discomfort. You may forget you're wearing them at all--that's how beautifully these silk Andiamo briefs fit.

Men's Silk Briefs in Fun Colors and Patterns

Brace yourselves, because world renowned designers aussieBum have come out with one-of-a-kind men's silky briefs. Never before have we seen:

  • Featherweight silky Lycra that provides reliable support.
  • Digital printing technology that creates fade-resistant designs on ultra-soft fabrics.
  • Collectible colors in men's silky briefs. Strawberry pink or bubblegum blue, anyone?

Because they are always outdoing themselves, aussieBum often creates limited-run designs like the Milkshake style described above. The good news is that your underwear becomes a collector's item; the bad news is that when these men's briefs are gone, they're gone for good. But cheer up mate--we know you'll love whatever aussieBum comes up with next. We always do!