Men's Skinny Jeans

It's one of the burning fashion questions of our time: Are men's skinny jeans a socially acceptable look? Or, like the meat dress and neon pink leg warmers, do skinny jeans for gents belong in some shameful scrapbook of regretful looks past? So… can men wear skinny jeans?

The answer is yes - with a few caveats. Not every man is built to go skinny. In fact, I would dare say that men's skinny jeans are a look that works only on a select (and fairly small) group of guys. Wondering if you should invest in a pair of super slim denim pants? Then it's time to ask yourself a few important questions.

To Skinny? Or Not to Skinny?

Am I a husky or muscular guy? If the answer to that question is yes, then read no more. Men's skinny jeans are not made for bigger fellows. That means if you're carrying a little more to love, or spend more than your fair share of time at the gym, you can feel free to bypass this trend altogether. They're called skinny for a reason, gents - they just look better on slender guys.

Am I a musician, artist, or skater? If you are, then by all means feel free to purchase a pair of men's skinny jeans. Like leather pants or a tousled hairstyle, skinny jeans are a kind of right of passage in some circles. Of course, that leads to the final question…

Was I born before 1977? Sorry gentlemen, but if you've lived for over three and a half decades, the time for men's skinny jeans has passed. Instead, look to straight leg or bootcut jeans for all of your denim needs.