Men's Speedo Swimwear

Speedo is well known in the world of competitive swimming for making some of the best men's swimwear on the market. Competition suits are their own unique genre and are not to be confused with their everyday men's swimwear you might see on the beach. Given the unique demands of designing these types of suits, it's impressive that Speedo makes not one, not two, not even a few styles of racers, but rather makes a whole slew.

A little known fact about competitive swimmers is that they wear different suits during training and competing. During a race or a time trial, a swimmer wants a suit that provides superior drag reduction. Speedo excels at making men's competitive swimwear that keeps drag to the barest possible minimum. Light materials and sleek cuts let them make men's suits that slice through the water.

Why Men's Speedo Swimwear Sometimes Includes Drag

In training, swimmers often prefer a suit with drag so that they can get more resistance and increase the strength of their stroke. Some competitive swimmers simply buy lower-quality suits because they unintentionally have more drag. The Speedo Flipturns Drag Suit, however, is a high-quality suit designed deliberately to provide the drag needed in training.

Regardless of whether you choose their drag suits or racing briefs, all men's Speedo swimwear has one thing in common: proprietary fabric blends that won't disintegrate in the water. Train as long and as hard as you like in your men's swimwear, because the chlorine doesn't stand a chance against Speedo's advanced Lycra blends. For a great selection of sexy men's swimwear, check out International Jock.