Men's Speedos

Although many people think of men's Speedos as being one particular kind of swimsuit--the bikini brief--they actually come in all shapes and styles. Yes, Speedo is a leading maker of competitive swimsuits, which of course means you'll find plenty of bikini briefs in their catalog. But if loose-fitting trunks are more your style, you'll find Speedo is a leading maker of those as well.

One of the reasons men's Speedos are so popular among competitive swimmers is that they use a proprietary blended fabric called Xtra Life Lycra. This combination of 77 percent antron nylon and 23 percent Lycra spandex makes for a suit that can stand up under all kinds of pressure. Xtra Life Lycra is also resistant to chlorine, which makes it great for training briefs that will see thousands of laps in chlorinated pools.

Plenty of Variety in Men's Speedos

At International Jock, we carry an impressive selection of men's swimsuits. In our online inventory you will find

  • square-cut trunks with colorful prints and reinforced front support panels
  • an abundance of classic racers in stylish cuts and colors
  • super-sturdy competition jammers that exemplify what men's Speedos are all about

Back in the day, men's form-fitting Speedos were rarely seen outside competitive swimming circles. Now, happily, beaches are filling up with men who aren't afraid to celebrate the body beautiful. And if ever there was a Speedo made for that, it's the Engineered Stripe Square Cut. The design of this suit is "engineered" (as the name implies) to call attention to a man's best features. Come see it in its various vibrant colors at International Jock.