Men's Swim Thongs

There aren't many items that can steal focus as thoroughly as a men's swim thong. Even in countries where bikinis and briefs are the norm, the thong still rules the day. For quality thongs at prices that can't be beat, look no further than the online store at International Jock.

At International Jock, we carry men's swim thongs by world famous makers Ergowear. Ergowear is known for making anatomically correct swimwear and underwear for men. Their unique designs cast men's body's in the best possible light by using flattering cuts and supportive materials. For an exquisite example of the Ergowear style in action, check out the X3D Swim Thong. It creates an effect that is nothing short of groundbreaking.

Crowd Pleasing Designs in Men's Swim Thongs

The Ergowear X3D uses a specially cut front pouch to create a three-dimensional effect. The pouch is contoured to give your testicles a pronounced lift, ensuring a profile like no other suit can provide. With plenty of room for your shaft to hang loose, this comfortably supportive men's swim thong puts the "oomph" back in swimwear.

The Ergowear X3D is currently available in either bright yellow or red. In a traffic light those colors may mean "slow down" or "stop," but in the X3D they mean "full speed ahead." Wear these suits in public at your own risk, and don't come crying to us if you end up needing crowd control. With a suit like this, you can't expect to keep a low profile.