Men's Thong Swimsuits

We currently carry one style of men's thong swimsuit at International Jock: the Ergowear X3D Swim Thong. You could argue with us about whether or not we should carry other styles, and maybe one day we will. In fact we encourage you to check back in our "New & Unusual" section as often as you like. But until we find a men's thongs swimsuit that can keep pace with this one, we're going to leave it as the last word on the subject.

The Ergowear X3D is a dream come true as far as we're concerned. Its three-dimensional front pouch holds your package up and out like a firm but gentle sling. We guarantee you won't get overlooked when you wear this men's swimsuit to the beach or public pool. In fact, we can guarantee you'll get noticed before you even leave your house, especially if your X3D pouch comes out the door several seconds before you do.

Sexy Men's Thong Swimsuits Don't Have to Be Uncomfortable

Let's be honest: not everybody is willing to don a thong swimsuit. Many men are afraid that these kinds of suits will be uncomfortable. It makes perfect sense when you think about it, since "thong" means "strap running up your butt." The fact that they look so great isn't always enough of a persuader.

Well now the Ergowear X3D is starting to change some minds. It's designed to alleviate the annoying pull that some thong straps have. It definitely feels different than full-coverage swimwear, but we're willing to bet you'll be happy to get used to it once the swarms of admirers arrive.