Men's Thong Swimwear

Historically speaking, what has been the main reason for wearing men's thong swimwear? In a word: exposure. The ability to show one's rear (when said rear looks hot) is what men's thong swimwear is all about. You know that, right? So why all the hoopla? Well, we've got news to break, and we hope you're sitting down: the newest men's thong swimwear adds a frontal showcase into the mix.

The Ergowear X3D uses a specially designed front pouch to give your package a three-dimensional frame. Instead of the normal dual reinforcement you find in most men's swimwear pouches, the X3D keeps it strictly one-ply. That means your lifted goods not only stand up and out, but any interested onlookers can get a great look at the topography.

Men's Thong Swimwear You Can Settle Down in

Because of their unique design, the Ergowear X3Ds are as comfortable as they can be. Now we're not going to lie to you here: a thong is still a thong, and it's never going to feel like a full-coverage brief. But at least with the Ergowear X3D you won't have to deal with the annoying pull that so many thongs have.

Ergowear swimwear and underwear was created with a man's body in mind. Intended to provide anatomically correct comfort, this is swimwear and underwear at its most advanced. Having said all that, we have one last thing to add: don't get too comfortable in your Ergoewear X3Ds, because we have a feeling your dance card is going to fill up fast. Shop International Jock for a great selection sexy suits.