Men's Trendy Jeans

Men's trendy jeans: they're everywhere… and with good reason. The popularity and style of a great fitting pair of jeans never really fades. And, depending on the brand, men's jeans are also relatively affordable, rugged, and easy to care for. They also go with just about everything you already have in your closet. So, are you on par with the latest denim trends?

Before looking into a pair of high end men's trendy jeans, it's essential to first make sure you have the basics covered with a couple of classics. Why? For starters, because most guys can't afford to drop a couple hundred bucks on whatever jeans du jour happen to be making the rounds in GQ this month. (Especially when you consider that what is a must have right now could very well be tomorrow's fashion "don't.") Also, nothing fits quite like your favorite pair of jeans. So, before hitting the shops in search of something fabulously trendy, make sure your wardrobe is equipped with some straight leg jeans in a relaxed fit and a good, dark wash.

On Trend

Once your essentials are covered, you can explore a bit more with your men's trendy jean selection. The style you're drawn to really depends wholly on your personal sense of style, as well as your budget and body type. But whether you go for a baggier carpenter fit or the more narrow confines of a skinny jean, there are a couple of basic rules to keep in mind when going trendy.

Avoid any style that's overly adorned. You'll want to keep the details to a minimum. Leave the patches and bleached spots to Britney and Cher, and steer clear of pronounced whiskering under the front pockets while you're at it. (Some light whiskering or a couple of strategically placed rips or frays are fine, as long as they're used judiciously.)