Men's Underwear Briefs

Let's face it: men's underwear briefs used to be pretty boring. For years the age-old question of "boxers or briefs" covered the whole range of choices for guys. Now your range of underwear is wildly diverse, with briefs alone coming in dozens of snappy styles. At International Jock, we put the whole universe of men's underwear--including briefs, boxers, thongs and more--at your fingertips.

Brands like C-IN2 TAT-2 have created whole collections with fun themes and styles. C-IN2 TAT-2's include styles like Love & War, Fire, Stallions & Cannons, and Broken Chains. Each of these designs is tattooed onto the back panel of a beautifully cut garment. C-IN2 TAT-2 men's underwear comes in many vibrant colors and is made from a comfortable blend of 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex.

What Do Men Want in Their Underwear Briefs?

While everybody wants to wear comfortable underwear, the guy who chooses men's briefs is looking for something more. He wants support with his comfort, and for years that was no easy formula. A pair of briefs that held his package in place often seemed to have him in a choke hold by day's end.

Today's man can have his cake and eat it too, thanks to incredible new fabrics that feel as good as they look. World famous men's underwear designer Frank Dandy is a master of blending great looks with to-die-for comfort. His pieces are constructed out of a super-soft blend of 93 percent cotton and 7 percent elastene. And yes, luckily for you, we carry the whole collection at our online store.