Men's Underwear Store

When we launched International Jock, we did so with one basic credo in mind: give men what they really want in an underwear store. This lead us down some pretty interesting roads over the next few years. We always knew men had a greater variety of tastes than popular wisdom gives them credit for, but who could have guessed we'd be selling heavy-duty rubber jockstraps at our underwear store?

One of the great things about an online store is that it protects the privacy of its shoppers. Quite frankly, we'd be happy to hear our rubber jockstrap enthusiasts shouting from the rooftops--it's a free country after all. But for those who enjoy discretion during their men's underwear shopping, International Jock is the place to be.

Variety Is the Holy Grail of a Men's Underwear Store

One of the things we credit with our success is the huge selection of items we offer at our men's underwear store. We don't just sell briefs; we sell boxers, bikinis, thongs and jockstraps as well. And we don't just sell a couple of brands of each of these styles; we sell dozens. Calvin Klein, Andrew Christian, Dickies, Hugo Boss--you name the designer and nine times out of ten we've got them.

You won't find items like the Go Softwear Strapless Jock or the Frank Dandy line of designer briefs at just any men's underwear store. From our Balls in One Erector Briefs to our classic cotton boxers, there is truly something for everyone at International Jock. Come and see for yourself but be warned: our selection of men's underwear has lead to addiction in some shoppers!