Men's Undies

Every connoisseur of men's undies is familiar with the big names: Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Andrew Christian and Gregg Homme, to name a few. At International Jock, we carry items from these top tier designers, but we also bring you hard-to-find men's undies from brands like Frank Dandy, Ginch Gonch and Go Softwear. In fact, our online store is home to dozens of unique designers from around the world.

When you shop for men's undies at International Jock, you can browse by either category or brand name. Take a look at our sports briefs, for instance, and you will find men's undies by brands like Bike, Cliff Keen, Andiamo and more. You can also search under a specific brand, such as GrigioPerla, and find everything from hip briefs to boxers to thongs.

Try a New Kind of Men's Undies

Every once in a while it's fun to step out of our comfort zone, especially when it comes to buying men's undies. A lifetime boxers enthusiast might like to cut loose and try one of our racy yet comfortable Gregg Homme thongs, for instance. And the hard-bodied exhibitionist may be surprised at how good loose knit boxers feel.

Whatever you're used to, we encourage you to sow some wild oats at International Jock. If you get your new undies home and change your mind, you can always return them for a refund or exchange. With so many styles of men's undies from which to choose, you're sure to find something you've never seen before. And who knows--maybe your hot new underwear will lead you and your partner to places you've never been!