Men's White Jeans

It's an age-old fashion quandary: when, where, and how is it appropriate to don men's white jeans? White jeans for men certainly aren't a new concept - they've been around as long as their female counterparts. But what are the best ways for a guy to work the look without looking like he's trying too hard? Keep a few essential dos and don'ts in mind before putting your ensemble together:

Do keep your footwear in mind. For the most part, men's white jeans look best with black dress shoes, boat shoes, or loafers (depending on the occasion). Athletic shoes are usually a no-no when it comes to the white jean trend, but keep in mind that rules were meant to be broken. The real key is to make the look your own.

Dos and Donts of Wearing White

Don't disregard the situation. The way you wear your white jeans should vary depending on where you're going and who you're with. For example, if you're spending the afternoon on a casual date, roll your cuffs a little and throw on some well-worn footwear. (Go bare, please - this isn't the place for a peek of crew socks.) Pair the look with a dark shirt underneath a loose, open, textured button down. For a dressier affair, anchor a pair of men's white jeans with well polished black shoes (yes, dress socks are necessary) and a dress shirt with a contrasting tie.

Do think European. Navy blazers, knit ties, and nautical inspired accessories all look stellar with men's white jeans. So channel your inner European fashionista when wearing them. And choose your undergarments carefully - this isn't the time to rock your lucky red boxer briefs.