Rugby Jockstraps

Although not all players wear rugby jockstraps, at International Jock we highly recommend it. Rugby is essentially a rougher form of football that outlaws passing the ball forward. When you can only move up the field by running with or kicking the ball, you increase the risk of being tackled. We hope you're starting to see why we think the jockstrap is essential.

If you get caught at the bottom of a rugby pile up wearing the Bike Performance Elite Hard Cup Jockstrap, you won't be worried about a thing. This ultra-strong cup and jockstrap combo will keep your package safe under the toughest of impacts. The inside edges of the cup are lined with a supple rubbery material for the ultimate in comfort and ease of motion.

Rugby Jockstraps for the Daredevil

Okay, so you're a daredevil who'd rather take his chances in a rugby game without the benefit of hard cup protection. We're not going to try to change your mind, but we will try to entice you with one of our cup-less jockstraps. Running up and down the rugby field can do a real number on your boys unless they're getting support from a firm yet comfortable jock.

To get as close to free-balling as possible without sacrificing support, try our Go Softwear Strapless Jock. Made from an ultra-soft cotton/Lycra material and missing the traditional leg straps, this jockstrap will let you rule the rugby field. Or if indoor sports are more your style, let the sexy Strapless Jock get you off the sidelines and ready to score!