Sexy Men's Underwear

Depending on your imagination and who's inside them, sexy men's underwear can be anything from a tight leather thong to plain cotton boxers. At International Jock, we're committed to bringing you a whole range of styles so that you can choose for yourself what makes you (or your partner) feel hot. From sheer mesh jockstraps to ultra-soft cotton briefs, we bring it all to you at our huge online store.

We carry designs from all the top brands and many lesser-known names on the cutting edge of fashion. Our only requirement from our designers is that they create men's underwear of the highest quality. Forget about choosing between form and function--who says men's apparel can't feel good and look great at the same time?

The Basics of Sexy Men's Underwear

Although we think you'll look sexy in any of our designs, diving into our mammoth online inventory without some tips could leave you a little lost. So please allow us to offer you a few of what we consider to be the MVPs of sexy men's underwear.

  • the Balls in One Erector Brief: a self-explanatory pair of sexy men's underwear.
  • The Gregg Homme Basixx Sheer Thong: stimulating alone or under clothes. So hot it should probably come with a fire extinguisher.
  • Unico Classic Boxers: these stylish boxers give sexy briefs a run for their money.

Our online store is organized by types of garments and by designers. Search using either method to find the sexy men's underwear of your dreams. And be sure to check back regularly to enjoy our latest and greatest finds!